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Marine Mastery: Crafting the Next Wave of Ocean Exploration and Ship Design

May 7, 2024
Ever wonder how the marine industry is harnessing innovation to steer the future? Our latest…
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Seas of Discovery: Navigating the Future with MarineLabs

April 2, 2024
Join us as we navigate the turbulent waters of climate change, conservation, and cutting-edge technology,…
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Powering Tomorrow: Swordfish Energy’s Turbocharged Turbines

January 4, 2024
A world powered by the natural flow of water is the vision that Swordfish Energy is envisaging…
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Designing the Deep Blue: DSA Ocean’s Revolutionary Approach to Ocean Engineering

November 8, 2023
We learn about DSA Ocean's journey, their unique approach to understanding ocean conditions, and the…
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The Future of Sustainable Salmon Farming: Akvafuture’s Tech Innovation

October 18, 2023
We learn why Akvafuture's technology could be the next big thing in the aquaculture industry,…
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Buoyant Builds: SeaBrick

September 26, 2023
SeaBrick is envisioning a future where floating cities can be built with kelp bricks.
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Zero Emissions Sailing: Alberni Yachts

August 29, 2023
Alberni Yachts is building zero emissions aluminum luxury yachts designed for living and doing business…
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From Scales to Shoes: 7 Leagues Leather

August 21, 2023
Tasha Nathanson is passionate about sustainable footwear. At 7 Leagues Leather, she's spearheading an innovative…
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Coastal Conservation and Sustainable Development: The Path Forward

June 7, 2023
Phil Osborne tells us about the Coastal Zone Conference in Victoria B.C., its impact and…