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By Jake Romphf, Victoria News

Date: December 30, 2021

As industries evolve, advocates of the ‘blue economy’ say the region’s existing knowledge of harnessing coastal potential can help Greater Victoria become a hub of ocean-based sustainable industries and job creation.

University of Victoria researcher Kate Moran was recently involved in a study looking at six ocean-based carbon removal technologies. It’s something she said should be top of mind with B.C. coming off environmental disasters and with a federal government committed to putting a price on carbon emissions.

“As we advance these research opportunities, then these could be industrial sectors in the future (and) some of them could be based here,” Moran said.

As new marine industries surface and aquatic-carbon removal strategies grow, they’ll need support – something Moran said this region can provide.

“Already on Vancouver Island and in this region, we have a rich ecosystem of small and medium-sized companies that are some of the best ocean sensor companies in the world.”

Some technologies that showed promise included using electrolysis to alter ocean acidity and using nutrient fertilization to increase life on the ocean’s surface – both aimed at helping the seas be more productive at removing greenhouse gas emissions. Local exploration into these strategies could mean economic benefits down the road…

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