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By James Matthews, Victoria Tech Journal

Date: June 8, 2022

The Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies is building an innovation hub on Vancouver Island to support B.C.’s burgeoning bluetech businesses.

Picture this. After you get dressed in the latest styles from an outfit-as-a-service startup, you take a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven you rented. Over lunch, you purchase a replacement solar panel, read about an influx of CEOs from Syria, and check Craigslist for apartments on Mars. After lunch, you hop on a virtual call with a doctor so they can answer a few questions you had about your new, bioprinted kidney.

If this all sounds a bit science fiction, that’s because it is. These concepts were taken from a series of predictions that World Economic Forum experts made for our world in 2030. If you were to do the same exercise for the oceantech space, that year in the future might look like a thriving, physical space for the Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies, or COAST: a burgeoning innovation hub on Vancouver Island that seeks to empower innovators in the space…

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